Citra for Android Released the First Emulator for Nintendo 3DS Mobile

Nintendo 3DS Android

Previous attempts have been made possible by unofficial Android ports of the incredibly popular Citra emulator on PC. Thanks to 2 unofficial developers, there is now an official version of Citra on Android. In addition, this Nintendo 3DS emulator is available on Google Play for free!

There are a lot of features in the official port released today that weren’t available in the original port, and all of these specifications work to provide a full-fledged Nintendo 3DS emulation experience.

This includes amiibo support, motion controls, microphone and camera support, and joystick support. The team behind the Citra 3DS emulator has documented and published the story of the entire development process on its website, which explains in detail how the two previous unofficial ports affected the development of this official version.

If you remember the first attempt to emulate 3DS games on Android, it barely worked because it was slow and had a lot of problems. The second unofficial “MMJ” ports were much better in performance, but the average user will likely want to stick with the official versions that are now available.

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Written by James Stone


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