How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy While Social Distancing?


Now more than ever, we can spend more time with our pets.
Animals are a guaranteed source of rest on any day, especially after they sail at the utmost level of continuous boredom and handicapped anxiety.

But taking care of a pet at the moment is not exactly a picnic in the park, and there are some things pet owners should be aware of, including what you might want to buy after quarantine has become widespread.

So some veterinarians have come to discover all that parents should know about keeping their children happy and healthy beside pets.

Are pets safe from the pandemic?

There’s no proof or information about pets spreading the virus According to the World Health Organization, but it’s always necessary to wash our hands continuously before and after we handle our animals. Bacteria and fungi that live on animal skin or fur can still make us sick. It’s also essential to wash our hands well while touching pet supplies and food.

What we should do when taking them outside?

Photo by Treddy Chen on Unsplash

Veterinarian Stephanie Austin said, “be smart and keep our distance between other pets, we may use antiseptic wipes after a walk, but we should be careful not to overdo it, as it can be very drying. Normally, a pet napkin is the best or even some warm water with a piece of cloth.

For those who feel it is absolutely necessary to take your dog to the dog park, Austin reminds everyone that “Please respect the limits of other pet owners and keep six feet between you and them.”

How could I keep my pets entertained at home?

Photo by Andrey Retinskiy on Unsplash

Most of us are wracking brains to find ways to make 400 square feet amenable to a dog or cat. Austin says it’s just as necessary to keep your pets stimulated mentally and physically. “Keep pets entertained with toys, dog puzzles, and smart bowls in order to figure out the solution to get their treat or food. There are also cat and dog TV channels and music on YouTube if you are working and you want to keep your pets entertained.”

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Written by James Stone

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