iOS 13.5 the Faster Unlock for Masked Faces

Apple has implemented iOS 13.5 on iPhone devices, and with it, it has made life a little easier for face mask wearers.

According to The Verge reports, iOS 13.5 is notable for two new features. The first, which I alluded to in beta 3 last month, should be warmly received by anyone trying to use their iPhone while wearing a face mask. Until now, it was a little disappointing because Face ID is really struggling to get to know you with half of your face covered. Inevitably, users needed to wait for the passcode to appear on the screen, which would take a few seconds.

Apple’s change to this new version of iOS allows the screen to swipe up to bring up the passcode entry instantly. This way, the wearer of the face mask does not wait, they can just swipe and tap to unlock.

At the end of April, Google and Apple released beta versions of contact tracking tools for app developers. In iOS 13.5, Apple has included support for the API, which means that apps that use the contact tracking system can now be used by iPhone owners.

Currently, it is not an active system, which means that you will need to install a suitable application to take advantage of new functions, for example checking if you have contacted someone with the pandemic.

If you haven’t updated yet, installing iOS 13.5 is as simple as visiting your iPhone settings, tapping General -> Software Update, then tap “Download and install ”for the iOS 13.5 upgrade that should appear there. Enter your password, then press “Install now” and the update will start.

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Written by James Stone


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