iPhone 11 (Pro,R and, Max): Prices and Features expected from Apple in September

What type of Phone pro are we going to see this year by Apple with all This uproar about the iPhone pro 2020 ?

We will likely see Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosuring a new iPhone in less than four weeks, just after the launch of Samsung Note 10.

How much will the iPhone 11 cost?

Apple will offer the iPhone 11 on contracts for $399 for 128GB / $499 for 256GB and $599 for 512GB from September 20, 2019.

SIM free pricing was supposed to be $999 for 128GB, $1099 for 256GB and $1199 for 512GB. 24h ago| Company: Apple Inc.

The New iPhone at a glimpse

  • We could see an iPhone 11 Pro instead of iPhone 11 Max.
  • It will be the 1st iPhone to run iOS 13 .
  • The 1st iPhone to show off a triple-camera (similar in design to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro)
  • They may get rid of the ‘iPhone’ branding on the back.
  • The iPhone 11 could have the largest battery than any other iPhone.
  • They will wait until 2020 for 5G.

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Written by James Stone

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