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‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Reviews

A vanish TV actor and his trick to achieve prominence and success in the film industry over the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in Los Angeles 1969 .

This is Quentin Tarantino’s Famous and hottest film since ‘Jackie Brown’

Critics on IMDB are positive

1 : “The First two hours is just for admirers of everything late 60s retro,great cinematography and remarkable acting. The most recent 45 minutes secure your safety belts since great Tarantino kicks in.”

2 : “Tarantino at his best. Its funny smart and original in a world of remakes and comic book films. Dicaprio and Pitt acted their faces off. A true new Masterpiece. “

3 : 9/10 Just needed one more small thing to happen and it would be a 10/10

4 : This Movie was amazing, the pacing was perfect, characters were unique, dialog felt real and natural. I’m not the hugest Tarantino fan, but this film is amazing on all fronts. 👍

6 : OUTH is a fairy tale. With a fairy tale ending.

Finally There are some negative Reviews but generally the film seems to be amazing, and Tarantino proves that he is from a talented clay!

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Written by James Stone

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