What is Hugo car insurance?

Hugo Insurance is a newcomer to the auto insurance market. The company first released its beta platform in 2020 and officially launched in January 2021. The insurer currently offers on-demand auto insurance to drivers in 13 states – Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania. South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. His exact political offerings vary from state to state.

Hugo’s claim to fame is its flexible, on-demand auto insurance. Drivers can start and stop coverage at any time, paying only for what they need. For example, drivers can purchase as little as three days of coverage to start.

How does Hugo auto insurance work?

Hugo offers flexible, on-demand coverage for drivers. Insureds can make “micro-payments” for coverage from three days to six months at a time, depending on the plan. There is no upfront fee and drivers can pay as they go with a $0 down payment. It only takes a few minutes to get coverage.

Whether Hugo is right for you as a driver depends on several factors. Most importantly, if you drive every day and don’t need the flexibility that comes with the ability to suspend or deactivate coverage, then Hugo may not be the best insurance company for you. If you want to be able to completely customize your policy and specify the exact types and amounts of coverage, Hugo may also not be the best fit. But if you’re looking for flexible, affordable car insurance and only drive occasionally, Hugo might be a good option.

What about Hugo auto insurance coverage?

Hugo offers three different coverage options :

Flex: Hugo’s flexible plan allows drivers to purchase three, seven, 14 or 30 days of coverage at a time. After purchasing a set number of days, drivers can activate or deactivate their coverage whenever they need it. For example, if a driver does not plan to drive on a particular day, they can deactivate their policy for that day. The flexible plan meets the state’s minimum insurance requirements.

Basic: Hugo’s basic plan is similar to the flexible plan but does not give drivers the ability to stop or start coverage at will. Drivers can purchase coverage in the same three-, seven-, 14- or 30-day increments, as well as a full six months of coverage. In addition to liability coverage, medical and accidental death coverage are also available on the basic plan.

Comprehensive: Hugo’s comprehensive plan is a “full coverage” policy. While the meaning of “comprehensive coverage” may vary from insurer to insurer, in Hugo’s case, it means that the policy includes not only liability coverage, but also comprehensive, collision, medical and accidental death coverage. Drivers can purchase coverage in three-, seven-, 14- or 30-day or six-month increments.

How to get a car insurance quote from Hugo insurance

To get a quote from Hugo, you can submit a quote request with Insurify. Not only will you get a personalized quote from Hugo, but you’ll also get quotes from other similar auto insurance companies. This makes it easy to compare insurers all at once to select the policy that best meets your needs.

Hugo car insurance cost/state

StateAverage Monthly Quote
South Carolina$212

Hugo car insurance discounts

Hugo offers the ability for drivers to purchase limited insurance coverage and suspend it when they need it.

Hugo customer review

Some reviews from “Trustpilot”. the majority of reviews are positive but not all of them. Some customers, for example, claim that Hugo representatives are hard to get in contact with, writing that “Horrible company no communication”

Hugo vs other insurance providers

1- Hugo vs Mile Auto

Mile Auto’s average monthly costs for car insurance : $126/month for full coverage and $107 for liability only.

So Mile Auto is much lower than Hugo’s average monthly rates for full-coverage $211 and liability-only $162 car insurance.

2- Hugo vs Nationwide

Nationwide’s insurance policies per month cost an average of $182 for full coverage and $167 for liability only.

Compared to Hugo’s average monthly rates which is $211 for full coverage and $162 for liability only.

3- Hugo vs State Farm

Farm auto insurance policies cost per month an average of $175 for full coverage and $167 for liability-only coverage.

Hugo car insurance pros and cons


  • Offers flexible, pay-as-you go insurance
  • Perfect for people who work from home or drive infrequently
  • Drivers can start and stop coverage as needed


  • May not be a good price option for daily drivers
  • Offers very limited options to customize policy coverage types and amounts
  • Only available in 9 states

How to file a car insurance claim to Hugo

To deposit a claim with Hugo, go to Hugo’s website and click the Help button in the footer. Then select File a Claim from the option list, then choose your state. Hugo will then provide you with the phone number to call for assistance in submitting a claim.


Is Hugo legitimate?

Yes, Hugo is a legitimate insurance company due to the amount of positive ratings from customers.

However, Hugo is still a new company and is currently only available in 9 states.

Is Hugo car insurance worth it?

It depends on location, driving habits, and insurance needs… For drivers who only use their car a few days/week or may be paying for continuous coverage, Hugo could be an affordable option. But for drivers who want customizable coverage, Hugo might not be the best option.