Episode 3 of The Last Of Us is The Best!

What reviewers have said on The Last Of Us HBO Episode 3 titled “Long Long Time”

– Episode 3 is one of the best hours of television in recent memory.

– Episode 3 of THE LAST OF US just broke me.

– Just wait for episode 3 of The Last Of Us. JUST WAIT.

– Episode 3 of THE LAST OF US is probably the best one of the whole season. – The best episode of the season approaches

– Folks, the rumors are true. Episode 3 is a banger.

– Half an hour in, Lesko began to weep. Mazin, smiling, slid a tissue box toward her.

Episode 3 of the last of us: Sunday, Jan. 29 2023

They topped the first two. That would be interesting because the first two were amazing. Looks like the last of us show is going to be a masterpiece like the game.

The Last of Us release dates

Here’s the full release schedule for The Last of Us on HBO Max.

  • Episode 1: Available
  • Episode 2: Available
  • Episode 3: Sunday, Jan. 29
  • Episode 4: Sunday, Feb. 5
  • Episode 5: Sunday, Feb. 12
  • Episode 6: Sunday, Feb. 19
  • Episode 7: Sunday, Feb. 26
  • Episode 8: Sunday, March 5
  • Episode 9: Sunday, March 12

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Written by James Stone

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