How To Fix Error Code 1 in Valorant – Solved

Having a Valorant Error Code 1 problem? We’ve got you covered with these 4 methods that will certainly fix your issue!

How to fix the Valorant 1 error code

1- Restart your Riot client

As you can see, the Error Code 1 message asks you to restart your game client, which is obviously the first thing you should try to do.

Usually, restarting the Riot client will solve your problem on its own, and you should no longer get this error. However, if the error code persists, we have 4 more solutions for you.

2- Run Riot Client & Valorant as an administrator

Another common reason why you keep getting the Valorant 1 error code is that your PC does not have full access to Riot Client or Valorant.

To solve this problem, you can easily run your Riot Client and Valorant using the “Run as administrator” function, by right-clicking on the icon of the program you want to run:

Without administrator privileges, you cannot run Valorant or any of the Riot games, so this might be something you need to keep in mind if you are using a shared PC where you have a “Guest” account.

3- Reinstall your Riot (and/or Valorant) client

Okay, if the above methods failed, now it’s time for the last two, which will be a kind of last resort. One way to be fairly universal about any Valorant error code is to get rid of all Riot client and Valorant game files by uninstalling all programs. That said, you should also remember to remove items such as Riot Vanguard, to ensure that the reinstallation will come with new files for each Riot application.

4- Contact Riot Games Support

And the penultimate option is to contact Riot Games via their support page. This is certainly a slow way to resolve this issue, but if the error code 1 doesn’t go away after using the 3 methods we listed above, contacting Riot support is your option of choice. If the problem is related to your game files, you can get specific game files from Riot Games that should resolve the Valorant 1 error code issue until the next update.

What causes the Valorant 1 error code?

The Valorant 1 error code is purely a connection error. That said, the most common reasons for the Valorant 1 error code to appear are loss of connection when launching Riot Client/Valorant or corrupted launch files. For this reason, we recommend launching the game differently than you normally would or reinstalling the game.

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Written by James Stone

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