Untold secrets of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been both widely praised and tenaciously slandered about. Despite the fact that Titanic guaranteed him an entirely unsurprising vocation as a blockbuster driving man, he took an alternate street rather, inevitably accomplishing more specialty movies such as Aviator, Inception, and The Revenant.

So that carries us to the inquiry: Who is Leo?

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a longtime smoker

Not exclusively is Leonardo DiCaprio known to be a smoker, however the camera appears to cherish it. Clearly, he’s assumed numerous jobs onscreen throughout the years where he expertly — if not captivatingly — smokes cigarettes in character.

DiCaprio is an environmentalist who uses private jets and yachts

Leonardo DiCaprio is a known tree hugger, yet he has additionally been scrutinized for having a major carbon impression. Why?

Since he’s been spotted utilizing personal jets and yachts — not the most eco-friendly or eco-accommodating approach to travel. For example, Leo apparently leased a gigantic measured yacht (owned by an Abu Dhabi sheikh with immense oil interests) to commend the World Cup in Brazil.

Leonardo DiCaprio has never dated anyone over age 25

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Fans who have pursued Leonardo DiCaprio throughout the years have presumably perceived a pattern — that his lady friends don’t age.

Sort of like that young lady in the motion picture A Beautiful Mind who never gets more seasoned, the women seen on Leo’s arm apparently never outperform age 25. In certainty, a Reddit client made an intriguing outline of the majority of DiCaprio’s alleged lady friends. The staggering bit of examination records each woman he’s been impractically connected to in the course of recent years — from model Gisele Bundchen in 1999 to his model Camila Morrone in 2019.

Leo has had the same 3 friends for more than 30 years

Even though Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends seem to rotate, his friends do not. DiCaprio has had the same steady inner circle of pals since he was a kid growing up in Hollywood.

He met fellow actor Tobey Maguire more than 30 years ago when he was just 12 years old and they were both child actors in Los Angeles (via Esquire). The two were often photographed together partying in the ’90s, along with actor buddies Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas

Leonardo got friendly with Vladimir Putin

At the point when previous Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin facilitated a summit in St. Petersburg to examine sparing the world’s imperiled tigers, he brought pioneers from 13 nations, agents of untamed life associations … and Leonardo DiCaprio. While Leo attempted to arrive (the business flight had motor inconvenience), Putin considered him a “genuine man” and applauded him for his perseverance. “I might want to thank you for coming in spite of the considerable number of hindrances,” he said (by means of the BBC).

Leonardo has scrubbed shoulders with the Pope and Obama

Leonardo DiCaprio has likewise gotten amigo pal with other world pioneers, scoring gatherings with both President Barack Obama and Pope Francis to talk about environmental change.

Obama apparently welcomed DiCaprio to the White House’s South by South Lawn celebration and enabled the entertainer to talk with him, per The Huffington Post. At the point when Leo asked Obama what “unnerved” him about environmental change, the president portrayed the world that seemed like a scene from The Hunger Games.

DiCaprio takes girlfriends to the same vacation place

Much the same as he appears to favor ladies under age 25, Leonardo DiCaprio evidently comprehends what he prefers with regards to traveling. Actually, he’s been known to take various lady friends to precisely the same spot — Marlon Brando’s private island of Tetiaroa.

He reportedly took ex Nina Agdal there in 2016, just to return in 2018 with another model — this time main press Camila Morrone. A source additionally asserted he brought models Toni Garrn and Kelly Rohrbach there.

The island, which keeps running about $4,800 per night for a two-room manor, is an eco-accommodating retreat that utilizations sun based vitality and “seawater cooling,” concurring to Page Six.

Leo stays drug-free

While he’s been known to smoke cigarettes and doesn’t appear to avoid caffeine or liquor (Rolling Stone once detailed that he “gets a kick out of the chance to arrange two beverages at any given moment, one with caffeine, one with liquor,”) Leonardo DiCaprio says he’s never explored different avenues regarding hard medications since he’s very acquainted with what they can do to individuals.

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Written by James Stone

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